Sunday, March 20, 2011

Converse Sizing

There is much confusion when it comes to Converse Chuck Taylor sizing. The first issue is that the shoes are produced as a unisex style. That means that every shoe has two sizes that are two units apart. They are also produced in four size categories. The price goes up for each category jump.

Converse crib shoes (Sizes 1 - 4)

Converse Infant/Toddler shoes (Sizes 2 - 10)

Converse Youth Shoes (Sizes 10.5 - 3)

Converse Unisex shoes (Sizes 3 - 15)

The tricky bit is that Kid's shoes technically go up to a 6.5, which is in the unisex category. So, a Men's 8 = Lady's 10 and a youth 6.5 = lady 8.5. The worst part about Converse Chuck Taylor sizing is that the sizes are not accurate compared to the rest of the shoe market. All Converse Chuck Taylors run larger than almost every other sneaker brand on the market. This means that if you normally wear an 8, you should order a 7.5 in Converse Shoes. The last tricky part is that Converse does not always produce seasonal styles in half sizes. In that case you will probably want to order a whole size smaller than you normally take.

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