Friday, November 18, 2011

Gorillaz Converse Chuck Taylors

Coming in February 2012, a collection of 4 styles of Gorillaz Converse Shoes. The Gorillaz Converse Collection will include a Gorillaz Camo Chuck Taylor Hi-Top, a Gorillaz logo Chuck Taylor Hi-Top, a Gorillaz sketch art Hi-top, and a Women's low top with color artwork. The shoes will be accompanied by the release of a 3 artist 1 song collaboration between the Gorillaz and 2 yet to be named artists.


Sandra said...

That is one sexy pair of shoes and that too from puma. I normally search online shoe stores to check new designs and pick up which I like.

surfsnow said...

THESE ARE THE BEST SHOES EVER! They are SO comfortable and are at a great price for the brand! Plus they are so cute and fashonable!"

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