Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Converse Pink Floyd Shoes

You heard it here first! Converse will be making shoes inspired by Pink Floyd's Album Covers. They will hit store shelves in January 2009. There will be several versions available including Chuck Taylor Dark Side of the Moon, Animals, and Wish You were here.

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2012 said...

sports shoes

* Angel* said...

Isso é mesmo real!??!?! o.O
Como faço pra conseguir todos?!?!

* Angel* said...
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Mikey v said...

these are some awesome styles!

Converse Shoes

chinese said...

After MUCH searching, I found them. http://www.bagginsshoes.com/converse-rock-and-roll-shoes.html

I had bought a pair of high-top "Dark Side of the Moon" sneakers while I was in Korea. Awesome shoes. I get comments on them almost every time I wear them. Even little kids who don't even know Pink Floyd love them and call them "rainbow" shoes. But then I couldn't find any more after I came back to the States. I did a bunch of searching on the web and found Baggins Shoes. If you order some, in the comments section mention that Steve sent you. Also, you can email them from the site and ask about specific sizes before ordering, just to make sure. Jess will get right back with you.

jhon said...

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